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Important Dates


Intramural Broomball at Boston University runs its one season during the spring semester. The season starts at the beginning of February with a mandatory Captain's Meeting and runs through the end of April.

Broomball is the most popular intramural sport at Boston University and the 40 spots for teams go fast. Fliers announcing you can sign up for broomball normally appear in mid-January at the beginning of the spring semester. However, this year they appeared in mid-December.

* To assure your team a spot in league play, turn in a roster at the latest by the middle of the first week of classes in January.

* Teams willing to be extremely flexible with the times they are able to play usually can get a spot if they turn in a roster the day before rosters are due but running this late is very risky.

* Anyone who turns in a roster on the Friday that rosters are due will assure themselves of a spot on the waiting list.


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