Front Row: Al Chalabi, David J. Wong, Steven Soon, Jeff Bent
Second Row: Zachary Lo, Kitty Lee, Enid Cheung, Peggy Kwan, Sharon Lai, Christina Wong, Kelli Choong
Third Row: Chris Giacomelli, Paul Orlando, Romina Rasmussen, Anthea Wong (guest), Ada Ko, Wilson Lam
Not in picture: Hansel Tsui, Eric Wragge and Jason Patton

After 10 hours of gruelling practice in dubious weather conditions over the past 6 weeks, the AT&T Crushers hit Stanley on Monday, June 9 ready for the competition. Over 50 people went to cheer the AT&T Crushers.

Those sweaty mornings and sore afternoons of practice all became worth it when the Crushers shot out from the start line at 10:45am. Although no medals were won, the Crushers had an excellent first showing and a good time was had by all.

With men and women of 6 nationalities participating on the team, AT&T's international character and team spirit were brought to the fore.

The AT&T Crushers team members are Ada Ko, Al Chalabi, Chris Giacomelli, Christina Wong, David J. Wong, David So, Enid Cheung, Eric Wragge, Hansel Tsui, Jason Patton, Jeff Bent, Kelli Choong, Kitty Lee, Paul Orlando, Peggy Kwan, Romina Rasmussen, Sharon Lai, Steven Soon, Tom Chan, and Wilson Lam.

Congratulations, Crushers, and here's to more success in 1998!

See ya next year!