Part 2
Your First Page

Now we must change into the HTML Directory to begin our work on the home page. Type 'cd html' at the acs [jpatton]% prompt. Your prompt will now read acs [html]% and that is the way it is supposed to be.

Type 'pico home.html' at the acs [html]% prompt. This will launch the pico editor which is very similar to the pine mail program.

Once in pico, type the following:

<TITLE>Jason Patton's Home Page</TITLE>
<center><H1>Jason's Home Page</H1></center><p>
<font size=+1>Welcome to my page.  This is a work in progress so 
bear with me.  Soon this will be a masterpiece but I admit that 
it isn't one yet.</font><p>
Let me tell you a little bit about myself.  I am a student at
<A HREF="">Boston University</A>.  I enjoy
doing a variety of things at school including 
playing <A HREF="">Ice Broomball</A>.<p> 

That should be a pretty good start. Just type that exactly as you see it. One typo can make the whole thing turn into a mess. Literally copy and paste the above if you can. Here is a list of all of the commands or tags used above and what they mean.

When you are finished typing the above into pico, exit by pressing CONTROL and X down at the same time. Confirm that you want to save the file as home.html to your html directory.

To make this page accessible, we now need to change the permission on the file by typing 'chmod ugo+r home.html' at the acs [html]% prompt.

Now switch from ACS to your broswer and look at your work. It should turn out like this.

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