Part 5
Proofing Your HTML

We put a reference to Doctor HTML on your hotlist. This can be a valuable tool when you are trying to do something on your page and it isn't coming out right. You can run your address through the checker and it will tell you all the problems it finds.

Well, this should get you rolling. Now that you have a starting point, read through the different resources available on writing HTML (see your hotlist) and you can get more of an idea of all the stuff you have been typing.

The best way to learn HTML, is by using the command VIEW SOURCE available on any browser. If you see a page on the web where someone has done something cool that you want to do, you simply look at how they wrote it by using the VIEW SOURCE option and you can mimic what they did.

Now that you have a page up and ready to go, register it. Type your login name in the block at the top of the screen on the Register Page.