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Jolles of London, out of a mural coronet
a nag's head all or            cf. 50. 13
(also cf. 51. 7 and 55. 9)


From 1932 To      
Jan. 1, 1942.      
to Jan 31, 1949      
To Aug 20 1953      

Dear Cousins:-

      Cousin Beatrice R. Read, asked me to help her look up our ancestry. It seemed like an impossible task for I only knew of my great grandfather. There was a rumor that he came from Genesee Co., New York, and that his father was one of "The two pirate brothers, who sailed from England and were shipwrecked off the coast of Long Island. They were ship-builders by trade. They built another boat and sailed up the Hudson River to Albany; after a time one went to Genesee County."

      With this as a starting point, I motored all over Genesee County and the northern part of Wyoming Co., gathering data. Then, I motored to Saratoga, to Albany, to Rensselaer County and the northern part of Columbia Co., in New York State.

      I then, motored to Massachusetts to Rhode Island, to Iowa and to Michigan and on the way found much valuable information.

      To all of this I have added what many of you could find, and I have had this typed into a permanent record carrying it down to a living decendant, or to a family of another name.

      I am sending you this copy in appreciation of the gratuitous help you have given me, for without it this History would have been impossible. I am also placing a copy in the Grosvenor Library of Buffalo, N.Y.

Very sincerely,                      

W B Jolls


      Jolls is pronounced as a one syllable word, with a long round "o" by all of the members of the family in America. In England, whence we came, the "o" is short.

      The spelling in America is JOLLS on all the tombstones seen and in all the records consulted; except one clerk in Massachusetts who evidently spelled by guess for he wrote; "Robert Gowels of Brigwater and Experiance Hollbrook of Sittuate;" Every noun, except Robert, wrong.

      The name signifies a big kettle for boiling vegetables for the stock so Dr. A. G. Bennett says who was born in England 80 years ago; and who, when a young man, traveled the land over, buying trees for lumber.

      Henry Goddard of Oxon, England who's mother, Mary Maria Joll is buried in the family cemetary in Devon, England, wrote me that a Jol was the ancient name of a crucible "To boil things in."

      The Great English Oxford Dictionary describes the ancient game of Jowls, a game similar to Golf, which may account for its origin.

      The ancient Briton did not hand down his surname, his son instead took a new name from his estates or his birthplace. Was John who owned the kettle the original John Jolls, rather than John who had enough land for a game of golf?

      Dr. Cecil A. Joll, M.S., B.Sc., F.R.C.S. of London, England, thyroid surgeon and author, wrote me that he believes the name is a mutation of the Scandanavian name Jolliffe, or Jollif, and quotes from DEVON AND CORNWALL RECORD SOCIETY, 1338, Wm. Jollyf, chaplain, granted Lands---------; and from McLEON'S HISTORY OF TRIGG MINOR; Nycles Joll in subsidy roll for St. Minver 1583, and from a marriage record; Geo. Gollye married Margaret Dowrich, Jan. 14, 1647 who was later buried Madam Margaret Joll, June 10, 1694. My cousin Harry, however thinks the name is Norman French. This is quite possible for there are many crests shown in A HISTORY OF ANCIENT FRENCH CRESTS, with names such as Jollif, Jolliffe, Julif, Jullien, Jullienne, Jola, Joles, Jolis, Jolly, July; any of these could have gone to England with the Norman Invasion; - for we find in England, crests of ancient family names of the same or very similar spellings, such as John Jolles, (Mayor of London 1615-16), Jolley, Jolly, Jollie, Jolliffe, Jolliff, Joll, Jolls, Joles, Joul.

      S. Baring Gould in FAMILY NAMES AND THEIR STORY says; Jolls is an old time Saxon name. In Cornwall it was a family name before the conquest. At the time of Edward-the-Confessor, King of England (1042-66) there was a Joll or Joul who is recorded as an undertenant, and it has remained a family name in the County of Cornwall to this day.

      A. T. Butler, Windsor Herald, London, England wrote me that Thomas Joles, late of Rotterdam willed goods to Ann Joles, Apr. 20, 1686.

      The name evidently is very ancient, English spelling has never been very fixes so all these names, could be related or be the same; but whether the name is originally Angle, Saxon, Norman or Scandanavian can be determined with difficulty.

      The Oxford English Dictionary has it about right when it defines the word as signifying the Head; also as signifying a Blow on the head, quoting 1699 Farquar, Love and Bottle, 111, 1. "It has made my Jolls rhime in my head."

      We do not need a blow on the Head, neither do we need to make Jolls rhime in our head to find the origin of the name in America, for our only ancestor Captain THOMAS JOLLS came over from England in his own boat, the RICHARD in 1682.

      This record, and the following, has been collected from authentic, mostly original sources and compiled by W. B. Jolls, M.D., Orchard Park, New York, with the assistance of many of his Cousins especially:

Miss Henrietta Barnhart, Perrysburg, N.Y.
Miss Iva Mae Badgero, Dayton, N.Y.
Mrs. Ida W. Davison, Waterloo, Ia.
Mrs. Myrta Hatch, Silver Creek, N.Y.
Miss Annie E. Jolls, West Barrington, R.I.
Mr. Geo. W. Jolls, Elmira, N.Y.
Mr. LeRoy E. Jolls, Detroit, Mich.
Mrs. Mabel Kipp, Lebanon Springs, N.Y.
Miss Clarinda Merchant, Nassau, N.Y.
Mrs. Abbie Wylie Spangler, Stoneham, Mass.
Mrs. Beatrice R. Read, Spartenburg, S.C.
Miss Grace L. Williams, Rochester, N.Y.
Miss Emma Wilson, Worcester, N.Y.

      Legends keep facts alive in very old families where written history must by necessity, yield to tradition.

      When Ebenezer Jolls, in 1777, had his property confiscated, because he was a Tory, and was banished from the State of Rhode Island, he with his 14 year old son, Gardner, chose the route to Canada along the Mohawk river to the Niagara frontier. While in Steventown, N.Y., young Gardner met Clarissa Stevens, a young Mohawk Indian girl, ward of Abel Stevens. The Mohawks were friendly to the English. In their long tedious treck across New York State, ten children were born, the first in Albany, the last in Penn Yan. None had the benefit of much, if any, schooling.

      During this period this Legend of the origin of the Jolls Family in America was handed down to his grandchildren; "Two brothers, pirates, from England were shipwrecked off the coast of Long Island. They were shipbuilders by trade. They built a new boat, sailed up the Hudson river and founded our family." The facts are that Gardner's Great Great Grandfather, Thomas Jolls, Captain of the ship Richard, was bring documents from the King of England and was shipwrecked (with his brother John) off the coast of Rhode Island in 1682. see p 2

      Records of the families of John, brother of Capt. Thomas Jolls (1), and of Thomas and John, brothers of Robert Jolls (2) so far, have not been found.

      The Joll Family in England have this Legend: "In the Parish of Alternon, in the time of Charles II, lived one Peter Joll, who is reported to have been Clerk or Deacon of the church, and was 150 years and odd years old when he died; and at the age of 100 years had new black hairs that grew out of his head among those that long before were white with age, and then also new teeth grew up in his jaws in the places of those that many years before were fallen out of his head."

Mrs. Arthur A. Rauch, Typist
Seventh Edition

Mr. Frank Ernst,
  Past President and Trustee,
    Jolls Cemetery Association, Inc,
      Dayton, New York.

Dear Frank:-

      Agreeable to your request I am sending you a History of the Jolls Cemetery.

      It seems that wherever a group of Capt. Thomas Jolls' descendants grew up they always had their private cemetery. I have seen several.

      In 1682 King Charles II of England engaged Captain Thomas Jolls, skipper of the ship Richard (a windjammer), to deliver a proclamation to the Massachusetts Bay Colony.

      Captain Jolls descends from an ancient family with a variant spelling (Joll, Jolls, Jolles) dating back to the time of William-the-Conquorer (1024-1087) Joll is their name for our Couldron kettle.

      This was sixty years after the Landing of the Pilgrims and during the third generation of their descendants.

      Capt. Jolls was around three months crossing the Atlantic. One son was born to him by Abigail, his wife, enroute. This son was named Thomas, Jr.

      A violent storm arose near the coast of Rhode Island and wrecked his ship.

      He delivered the papers to Gov. Winslow of the Massachusetts Bay Colony and did not return to England. His wife and son Thomas, died and he later married into Gov. Winslow's family.

      Another son Robert grew up in Bristol, R.I. and married a Holbrook girl from the village of Holbrook, Mass.

      Their son Thomas, (named for the old sea dog), married an Ormsby whose son Ebenezer, married a Wheaton.

      These were all influential English families and of course, Loyalists.

      During the Revolutionary War in 1777, Ebenezer Jolls' property was confiscated and he with his family, including his seven year old son Gardner, (nicknamed "Garner"), "went west". Another descendant of the old sea captain Jeremiah Jolls also "went west" but only as far as Steventown, Ren. Co. where he settled and as his family grew, developed the Jolls Cemetery, on Presbyterian Hill.

      "Garner" and his father's family was thirteen years going from Bristol to Columbia Co., N.Y., through the Berkshires, inhabited by western Massachusetts Indians. With this woodcraft experience, this young seven year old "Garner" became a first class boy scout, so when he got to New Lebanon, Col. Co., this then twenty year old young English, Indian trained, hunter and warrior, according to Indian custom, was qualified and so was selected by an Indian mother for her 18 year old daughter Clarissa Stevens.

      Marriage among the Early Indians, was not founded on affection. The young Indian boy was kept too busy learning to hunt and fight, and the girl's time was too fully filled with skinning and dressing the game brought in by the men, and tending the corn squash and bean patches. Marriage was a matter of necessity arranged by the mothers, and was final.

      Three years more of "going-west" found this young Loyalist and his Indian bride in Albany County, where their first child, a girl, Lucy was born. Descendants of Lucy's still live there. Here, too, Abel Jolls was born in 1799. Continuing their "Going-west" through the lands of the Mohawks, the Oneidas, the Onandagas, the Cayugas, they arrived in the Genesee Valley lands of the strongest, most powerful tribe of the Iriquois, the Senecas.

      By this time this experienced "boy scout" with a hickory English long bow, instead of a rifle, was quite grown up. He was 40 years old.

      Having lost a leg while in Penn Yan, during the war of 1812, he afterward, with his Indian wife and his six sturdy boys, migrated to Cattaraugus County and settled on land from the Holland Land Co. in 1817.

      He built a cabin on this land where the Jolls Cemetery is now located. He could not hunt much, having a wooden leg, so he sat in his cabin door and shot deer that wandered too near with this good English long bow of his own make.

      This bow is still in the family archives.

      "Garner" Jolls died in 1850. His wife in 1851. They were buried in the front yard, near their cabin's door, which was the beginning of the Jolls Burying Ground in 1876. This was later enlarged by a donation from Alanson Dewey, a distant cousin, who, about the same time, took up adjacent land on the north. This Cemetery has been further enlarged to over three acres, by subsequent donations from both families.

      Abel Jolls, at age 19, married Maria West, a Vermont girl, built a log house and raised a family of five children on the dense wooded land adjoining the graves of his English father and Indian mother.

      As Abel became settled down, he found it necessary to go to Albany Co., "on business." He took a few necessaries in a roll on his shoulder and walked back to his birthplace and was granted the same safe passage through the lands of the Iroquois that he and his parents previously earned.

      Later he built the first frame barn in that section. One of the granite cornerstones of this hay barn, (the North-eastern, of course) now serves as a monument to one of his great-great grandsons.

      Of the other five boys, one true to his birthright, "went-west"; two settled nearby, one went to Iowa and the youngest, born in Penn Yan in 1818, nicknamed "Indian Tom," went to Michigan.

      Of Abel's children, all now buried in the family plot, two were boys. One, the youngest of the family, and of course, the favorite, remained at home with his parents until they died and were buried in their own cemetery at the side of their parents.

      The other son, at the age of 36, left home and bought a farm that, by chance was located on the trail between the two Seneca reservations, the Cattaraugus and the Allegheny; married Elizabeth Morrell, whose parents came from Vermont, and raised a family of five children.

      The house on this farm therefore, most conveniently, provided a "tourists home" for Indians going from one of these reservations to the other.

      Many mornings the writer, who was about five years old, got up and went into the kitchen, where the pump and the wash basin was, and found Indians sleeping around the kitchen stove.

      This early acquaintance with the Red race found them in many ways much like the White. All Life has in born forces commonly called Instincts. These instincts are not concious, they are reflex, hence, must be obeyed. Three, at least are dominant; the preservation of Life, the propagation of the Species, and the formation of the Herd.

      Selfishness is natural; altruism, acquired.

      These facts account for all the competition, strife, atrocities and war among the races, peoples and individuals, throughout the ages.

      Peace, while it lasts, is ideal and must be encouraged by all out effort.

Very truly                      

W.B. Jolls                      

August 20, 1953.

New England Historical Genealogical Society 1674-1682-3, Vol. V., Pages 271-383.

      Mr. Thomas Jolls, Master of the ship Richard (1682) bring documents from His Majesty to his commissioners and agents in Mass. Bay Colony.

Diary of Samuel Sewall, page 90.

      "1685, June 6, Thomas Jolls arrived, in whom went the letter concerning the King's proclamation." And at page 100: "1685, Tues. Oct. 13, is a rumor in town of Jolls' being cast away on the Cape and all passengers lost except five persons, but suppose all groundless." And at page 105; Fri, Nov. 13, 1685, Capt. Jolls, dead in London."

1686 - Vol. 13, page 523-524     Will 1452.

      Thomas Jolls (1)  (First of name found so far in U.S.)

      Thomas Jolls, mariner - Hannah Jolls, widow, Jan. 1694, account accepted and allowed.

      Widow and four surviving children, Thomas, Sarah, Robert, John received most of the estate, except that estate shall come from my father's estate and belong unto me and working tools and clothes to brother John.

      Oct. 13, 1693 in the fifth year of the reign of William and Mary.

NOTE:   "Two brothers from England, pirates, were shipwrecked off the coast of Long Island and founded our family. They were shipbuilders by trade." see p 1a

      This legend so often recited in my family may refer to Thomas and John.

      Back in 1600 the term "pirate" did not always signify crime or outlawery; it was applied to any captain who could not at the time produce his sailing paper.

Jolls - Boston Probate - Will 2334 - Vol. 11, page 213.

      Thomas Jolls (2), (son of Thomas (1) brother of Robert (2), "Shipwright being born out at sea and not knowing when it shall please the Lord to deal with me, being in good health of body and of sound and perfect mind and memory; praise be therefore given to Almighty God; do make and ordain this my last Will and Testament. First and principally, I commend my soul into the hands of the Almighty God, hoping through the merits of death and passion of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to have full and free pardon and forgiveness of all my sins and to inherit everlasting life and my body I commit to the Earth or Sea well knowing that both Earth and Sea shall give up their dead when the last trump shall sound."

      Year 1696. Gave all estate both real and personal whether in England or New England or elsewhere to Sister Sarah Jolls of Boston, Spinster.

      Plymouth County Registry of Deeds, Plymouth, Mass.

      Book 10 at page 152. Deed.

      Robert Jolls of Town of Bristol, in the County of Bristol to James Latham of the Town of Bridgewater in the County of Plymouth dated July 18, 1711, conveying certain lands in the Township of Bridgewater, etc.


Telephone     CITY 6077

    LONDON, E.C. 4.

  Windsor Herald

24 November. 1936.                      

Dear Sir,

      The result of the search which has been made in the records of the College has produced no information as to Thomas Jolls. A search was then made for his will but he died intestate, administration (copy enclosed) * being granted to his widow in 1686.

      The search does however show that the surname is a very rare one and for that reason I feel sure that if a thorough investigation were made into the history of the family generally between say 1550 and 1700, that would provide us with the complete genealogy.

      In 1604 a grant of arms and crest was made to John Jolles, London, the heraldic description being as follows -

Arms - Or, a cinquefoil gules, between
three pheons sable.
Crest - Issuant from a mural crown gules,
a horses' head arased or.

This John Jolles was Alderman of London in 1605, Sheriff 1605-6, and Lord Mayor 1615-16, Colonel of the Trained Bands 1618-21. He had been knighted on 23 July 1606, and, what is rather important, was at one time Deputy Governor of the Company of Merchant Adventurers. He died without issue on 31 May 1621, but we know from his will, dated 28 April 1620, that he had a cousin Francis Jolles, living in Bedfordshire.

      The cost of the proposed further searches in wills, parish registers, taxation papers, etc, would be about F 25.

Yours faithfully,                 

A. T. Butler                      


* ( P.C.C,)

1686 April  20.

Comm to Ann Joles widow relict of

Thomas Joles late of Rotterdam in

parts beyond seas, to administer

goods etc. of said deceased.

Page 2B           

Hackensack, New Jersey,     
  15 Linden St.,
    May 10, 1932.

Dr. W. B. Jolls,
  19 So. Buffalo St.,
    Orchard Park, N.Y.

Dear Sir:

      I hope you will pardon my delay in answering your letter but Mr. Goddard was very ill at the time it arrived and other things demanded my attention.

      I have not been able to find out very much for you. Mr. Goddard's mother Mary Maria Jolls was born at Poughill, Devonshire, England. July 7, 1832 and died Aug. 20th, 1891 at Great Livermere, Suffolk Co., England. She had 5 children, 4 of whom are now living. James, Charles, Henry, Bessie and Mary who died when a child.

      Mary Maria Jolls had a brother John who was old enough to be her father. She also had a sister Elizabeth Jolls who can to Pickering, Ontario, Canada in 1871. She was married to a man by the name of Baker and had several children. This John Jolls was apparently the oldest of the family and Mary Maria was the youngest. My husband, Charles Goddard has a brother still living in England if you write him he may be able to give you more information as he was always home with his mother.

      His address is

Henry Goddard,
  15 Market Pl.
    Henley on Thames, Oxon,

      2 boys of Elizabeth Jolls brothers also came to Canada but I do not know where they are located.

      I do not suppose this will be of much benefit to you but am sending it anyway in hopes you will be able to get something more definite from Chas. Goddard's brother Henry.

      Your brother E. G. Jolls resembles Chas. Goddards mother very much. Asking you again to forgive my delay,
I am
  YoursVery sincerely

    Mrs. Chas. Goddard.                                 

Page 2C           

15 Market Place,
  Henleyon Thames,     
    Oxon, England

May 25, 1932.

William B. Jolls, Esq. M.D.
  Dear Sir

      In answer to yours of May 12 regarding the Jolls family in Eng. Our family name on my mothers side was "Joll," not Jolls, no s. at the end. My mother was born at a village "Pughill" Devon, Eng. I went and visited the church last summer, I found the graves of the Joll family. The mounds were still visible but the stones had decayed or had been cleared away, only one remained which bore the name of Martha Joll.

      But I cannot myself think that the Jolls have anything to do with the Joll.

      It might be that the S was dropped for some reason or the other.

      As regards finding a record all records were kept at and can be obtained from
           The Controller
             Somerset House,

      It is only a small fee
           Registration of Deaths,
             Somerset House
                  London, Eng.

Yours faithfully     
Henry Goddard     

P.S. In any other way I can help you I
should be most happy to do so. H.


15 Market Place,
  Henleyon Thames     
    Oxon England
      Sept. 12, 1932.

W. B. Jolls Esq. M.D.
  Dear Sir

      I thank you for your letter dated Aug. 20th with regards to your question about a kettle or earthenware jar. Joll or Joul or Jole are the same, it is not known to the young people, but it was used for pickling pork or beef, also I believe from what I hear from old people was also used for boiling things. A sort of crucible. But in England what is called in oxfordshire in another Shire would be called different, as a hay fork in one shire would be called a pike in another, anything I can enlighten you in, I shall be always at your service.

Yours faithfully     

Henry Goddard     

Page 2D          


Thyroid, Wesdo, London.
Tel. Langham 4242.
  From Cecil A. Joll.
  64,Harley Street, W.1.


Dear Dr. Jolls,

      I was very interested in your letter and enclosures.

      Joll is a very uncommon name in this country as will appear clear when I mention that in the London Telephone Directory there are only two of that name (both brothers of mine) in addition to my own number.

      There are of course a few other Jolls scattered up and down the country as well as some Julls, a name which appears to be a sort of variant of ours.

      I wrote to my cousin, Colonel Harry Joll, who lives in Devonshire and is as far as I know the most senior member of my own family living, and he confirms what I have always understood, namely that the name Joll comes from a series of mutations from Jolliffe, though some people in spite of this maintain that it comes from the Scandinavian Jull or Johl, meaning a yacht or small sailing vessel.

      I enclose you a copy of a letter from my cousin in which he gives the fullest details available on the matter. You will see that he thinks that Jolls is merely a variant of Joll.

      We always pronounce the name as if it were Jolly, without the y, that is with a short o and rhyming with Doll.

      I shall look forward very much to calling on you when I get the opportunity as I hope to come to New York after the War and we shall of course welcome you in the same way if you are able to come over here.

Yours very sincerely,     

Cecil A. Joll.     

Copied from Diseases of the Thyroid Gland


Cecil A. Joll, M.D. B.Sc., (Lond) F.R.C.S. (Eng)

Senior surgeon to the Royal Free Hospital and the Miller General Hospital; Surgeon to the Cancer Hospital, Consulting surgeon to Royal Buckinhamshire Hospital, Late Num Tesian Professor Royal College of Surgeons

Author of "Diseases of The Thyroid Gland."

W.B. Jolls     

Page 2E           

Huccaby House,     
    S. Devon.

Dear Cecil,

      I was glad to hear from you again, and am interested in your American correspondent.

      I have never come across any etymology of our name but it is interesting and I think significant that I am frequently addressed as Jolls by country people here, even though I know of none of that spelling, but it may show how that variant has arisen.

      I think there is little doubt that Joll is an abbreviation of Jollif or Jolliffe.

      The earliest record I have come across is from the Feet of Fires, Cornwall (Devon and Cornwall Record Society) part iii No. 549 p. 372

                 1338 William Jollyf, chaplain, granted lands in manor of Trethock.

      The earliest Joll I know of appears in Sir John MacLeans History of Trigg Minor Vol. iii Nyclos Joll, in subsidy roll for St. Minver, 1543.

      Again Polwhale gives a Nicholas Jollyffe of Tredidon married Elizabeth Pisdon (vida Vivians Visitation of Cornwall) Living 1585 and "known as Nicholas Joll".

      The name is commonest in the church registers of Eastern Cornwall and in particular around Altarnun and Lewannick, near Launceston. Joll or Jolle also seem synonymous.

      Marriage register Stockleigh English (near Crediton) Jan. 4th 1674. George Gollye married Margaret Dowrish, but was buried as Madame Margaret Joll at Altarnunon June 10th 1694. I think he also appeared somewhere as Jolliffe. I think Jollif and variations is Norman French meaning fine, trim, gay, jolly: Joll, Jowl, Diaoul the Devil. One guess is as good as another. Vivian says they were clergymen, small landowners and yeomen. To my great sorrow the Cottonian Library in Plymouth has been destroyed by fire and bomb with all its priceless old books on Devon and Cornwall.

      I hope you and yours are keeping fit. Our John is playing Rugger and fives at Marlborough. The eldest James, I believe is to be promoted to Captain next week. He is at brigade headquarters at Exeter. The little boy is still at Prep. School at Cirencester.

Yours sincerely,            

Harry Joll.           

Cloverdale, B.C.           
Jan. 19, 1948           

Mr. W. B. Jolls

Dear Sir

      Re your letter Sat 17 and was somewhat surprised to get same

      You mention that you are trying to chase up the history of the Jolls good luck to you. I wish you every success as I know you will have an interesting time doing same. Now the first thing I am going to is to be bold enough to ask were you got my name. The only way I can figure it out is that I belong to 2 Lodges with offices in the U.S. One is the Loyal Order of Moose, the other the B.R.C. a railroad Brotherhood. Now I am going to give you a few clues but as I do not know much about the older generations I cannot tell you very much.

My fathers name was George Joll, his fathers name was David Joll. They lived at Bude Cornwall, England. My father left there to come to Canada with my sister and myself. She was 6 yrs older than me. She passed on last fall, 82 years of age. When father came to this country he came to some friends by the name of Bakers. How he came to know them I never knew. I was to young to know or remember anything of this but my sister told me somethings that she remembered. My father was a blacksmith by trade, so when he came to those friends he could not get work in the district, so went to different places to get work, finally landed in Victoria, was not there long when he to passed on. That left my sister and I with those friends so when my sister got big enough she went to work to help keep me as time went on she drifted to Toronto and there learnt the dressmaking and stayed there until last spring when I brought her here to stay with me but she did not stay long as I have already mentioned when I got to be 13 I went to work for a couple for my board and clothes and went to school and from there on I have been working for myself.

      Now there is 1 more clue that I can give you that I think will help you. There is a Cousin of mine in Bude, Cornwall. His name A. S. Joll, he knows more of the family ties than I do for he has been around there the most of the time, he came to Canada once but did not like it so went back home, he is a carpenter.

      There used to be a W. H. Joll at MooseJaw. Sask. He was a cattle buyer, I tried to get in touch with him but he never answered my inquiry, so I cannot say any more about him.

      I am sending you a little note*, that my sister left but were she got it I cannot say so you can read for yourself if you care to copy, do so and return.

      Now I think I better ring off for this time and I am looking forward to hear from you also to hear of what success you are having in good hunting.

      And also if you take a notion to come to the northwest Pacific Coast on a vacation, will be glad to see you and the change of scenery will do you good, so will now close from Yours Truly
R.R. 3
W. H. Joll
    B.C.  Canada

* Venning's Directory of East Cornwall:

      "In the parish of Alternon in the time of Charles II, lived one Peter Joll, who is reported to have been clerk or Deacon of the Church and was 150 years and odd years old when he died, and at the age of 100 years had new black hairs that grew out of his head among those that long before were white with age, and then also new teeth grew up in his jaws in the places of those that many years before were fallen out of his head"

Gardner (Garner) Jolls age 23
Clarissa Stevens-Jolls age 19 married 1793
      see p 1B etseq.
Lucy     b. 1794 in Westerlo Alb. Co NY
Clarissa b 1796 in ____ Alb. Co NY
Abel     b 1799 in __ Alb. Co NY
John     b 1800 in Mt Pelier     Vermont
Jeremiah b 1805 in ____  ______
Julia     \ b 1807 in     Alb. Co NY
Samuel /
Thomas b 1812 in Penn Yan NY
Spencer b ____ ______ (looks like 1809) see p 11

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Thomas Jolls (1) (From War record in Providence, R.I.)
            Died - About 1687 in Boston, Mass. (Diary of Samuel Sewall, died Nov. 13, 1685 in London.)(Inventory of Est. of Cap. Thos Jolls,Mar.18, 1685)
Married:(1)   Abigail....who died after 1678 in Boston, Mass.
(2) Hannah Briggs, daughter of Walter Briggs of Scituate, Mass., widow of Samuel Winslow, who was the son of John and Mary (Chilton) Winslow, and a nephew of Edward Winslow, govenor of Plymouth Colony. She died after 1711.
Children:   Robert - born 1677 of first wife, Thomas, Sarah, John.
(From Birth and Baptismal Record in Boston, Mass.)
Thomas, of Thomas and Abigail Jolls, born Apr.25, 1672.
Jonathan, of Thomas and Abigail Jolls, born Mar. 21, 1674.
Robert, of Thomas and Susanna Jolls, born June 2, 1677.
Robert Jolls (2)
      Born - June 2, 1677 in Boston, Mass.
Died - Jan. 17, 1739 in Bristol, R.I.
Married: Experience Holbrook, grand-daughter of Capt. John Holbrook, Feb. 24, 1703 in Scituate, Mass. who was born Feb. 22, 1677, in Scituate, Mass., who died Dec. 15, 1757 in Bristol, R.I.
Children: Thomas, John, Mary Sarah.
Thomas Jolls (3)
      Born - Nov. 9, 1703 in Bridgewater, Mass.
Died - Oct. 16, 1760 in Bristol, R.I.
Married: Mehitable Ormsby, May 22, 1733 in Bristol, Mass., who was born Sept. 7, 1710 in Theoboth, Mass.
Children: Susanna, Mary, Robert, Lydia, Hannah, Thomas, John (see p.4)
Sarah, Ebenezer, Mehitable, Jeremiah (see p.5), Betty.
Ebenezer Jolls (4) (From Warren, R. I., went to Ren. Co., in 1790; to Alb. Co in 1790; to Gen. Co., in...............)
      Born - Jan. 28, 1747 in Bristol, R.I.
Died - Mar. 12, 1829 in Bethany, N.Y.
Married: Mary Wheaton, April 7, 1769 in Bristol, R.I.
Children: Gardner, Sylvester, Abigail, Samuel Wheaton (see p.6)
Gardner (Garner) Jolls (5) (Leaving Rhode Island with his Loyalist father Sept. 27, 1777, we can trace him along the Hudson river from New York City to Albany and westward along the Mohawk valley. He was in Penn Yan during the war of 1812, where he lost a leg. Going farther west he left his father in Genesee Co., and finally located in Perrysburg, Cattaragus Co., in 1817.)
      Born - May 23, 1770 in Bristol, R.I.
Died - Apr. 18, 1850 in Perrysburg, N.Y.
Married: Clarrisa Stevens, (Mohawk Indian) daughter or ward of Abel Stevens 1793, who was born Feb. 19, 1775 in New Lebanon, N.Y. and who died May 11, 1851 in Perrysburg, N.Y.
Children: Lucy (see p. 7), Clarissa (see p.7), Abel, John (see p.8)
Jeremiah (see p.9), and Julia (Twins) Samuel (see p.10)
Thomas (see p.11) Spencer (see p.11)
Abel Jolls (6) (Located in Perrysburg, N.Y., in 1817) (Deed 1828-35)
      Born - Jan. 7, 1799 near Albany, N.Y.
Died - Sept. 2, 1871 in Perrysburg, N.Y.
Married: Maria West, June 1823 in Perrysburg, N.Y., who was born June 26, 1804 in Vermont, who died Dec. 9, 1888 in Perrysburg, N.Y.
Children: Laura, Betsey, Rhoebe, Warren (see p.3A), Warner (see p.3B)

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Warren Jolls (7)
      Born - July 13, 1832 in Perrysburg, N.Y.
Died - Aug. 18, 1888 in Dayton, N.Y.
Married: Elizabeth H. Morrell, Apr. 29, 1869 in Dayton, N.Y. who was born Mr. 11, 1851 in Brant, N.Y., and who died Apr. 3, 1936 in Orchard Park, N.Y.
Children: W. Burton, T. Ward, E. Glenn, Earl W., Angie M., Ara A.
Willard Burton Jolls, M.D. (8) (Located in Erie Co., N.Y. in 1895)
      Born - Dec. 21, 1870 in Dayton, N.Y.
Address: 19 So. Buffalo St., Orchard Park, N.Y.
Married: Ida C. Markham, Aug. 14, 1895 in Dayton, N.Y., who was born Sept. 12, 1869 in Dayton, N.Y.
Children: None.
Thomas Ward Jolls (8)
      Born - Apr. 16, 1873 in Dayton, N.Y.
Died - Feb. 21, 1880 in Dayton, N.Y.
Elbert Glenn Jolls (8)
      Born - Sept. 28, 1874 in Dayton, N.Y.
Address: Hackensack, N.J.
Married: Vina McQuown, Jan. 4, 1904 in Bradford, Pa., who was born Mar. 5, 1876 in Knoxdale, Pa.
Children: Phyllis. (by adoption)
Earl Warren Jolls (8)
      Born - Dec. 27, 1878 in Dayton, N.Y.
Address: Good Hope, Mich.
Married: Mabel A. Bennett, Dec. 17, 1903 in Hillsdale, Mich., who was born Mar. 29, 1885 in Knowlesville, N.Y.
Children: Angie M., (Sedziol), Irene E.,(Hoerner)Arda W., Rae L., Warren B., Ara R., Earl W. Jr.
Angie Matilda Jolls (8)
      Born - Sept. 17, 1879 in Dayton, N.Y.
Address: 4639 Locust St., Philadelphia, Pa.
Married: Lawrence Potter Baker, Sept. 12, 1905 in East Hamburg, N.Y. who was born Feb. 10, 1881 in East Hamburg, N.Y.
Children: Raymond Lawrence, Dr. Roy Freeman.
Ara A. Jolls (8)
      Born - Oct. 13, 1884 in Dayton, N.Y.
Address: Leolara Farms, Newfane, N.Y.
Married: Leola A. Averill, Oct. 18, 1905 in Dayton, N.Y., who was born May 10, 1889 in Dayton, N.Y.
Children: Elbert D., Leo, Wilburt Ara.
Elbert Denton Jolls (9)
      Born - Oct. 6, 1906 in Meadville, Pa.
Address: Newfane, N.Y.
Married: Estella Halstead, Sept. 13, 1927 in Newfane, N.Y., who was born Oct. 15, 1908 in Nashville, Tenn.
Children: Lois Mae, b-Jan. 2, 1932, d-Jan 4, 1932, Shirley Ann, b- May 17, 1933, Carol b-Sept. 15, 1935.
Wilburt Ara Jolls (9)
      Born - Mar. 19, 1909 in Buffalo, N.Y.
Address: Newfane, N.Y.
Married: Ethel M. Duwe, May 29, 1931 in Lockport, N.Y., who was born Apr. 7, 1909 in Royalton, N.Y.
Children: Thomas Wilburt, b-Aug. 6, 1933.

Page 3B.
Warner Jolls (7)
      Born - Oct. 30, 1841 in Perrysburg, N.Y.
Died - ..................1924 in Machias, N.Y.
Married: Melvina Hartman, Mar.....1863 in Dayton, N.Y., who was born May 12, 1844 in Dayton, N.Y. and who died May.......1920 in Perrysburg, N.Y.
Children: Elmer, Belle, Arthur, Florence, Blanche, Homer, Jessie, Frank, Fred.
Elmer Jolls (8)
      Born - May 11, 1864 in Perrysburg, N.Y.
Address: Silver Creek, N.Y.
Married: Bertha Dawley, Dec. 25, 1890 in Perrysburg, N.Y., and who was born Nov. 27, 1868 in Perrysburg, N.Y.
Children: Walter, Geraldine Hickey, 12 Cushing St., Fredonia, N.Y.
Arthur Jolls (8)
      Born - June 23, 1869 in Perrysburg, N.Y.
Address: Leon, N.Y.
Married: Maud Ingersoll, Dec. 24, 1893 in Dayton, N.Y., who was born Aug. 3, 1872 in Leon, N.Y., and who died Feb. 22, 1935.
Children: Harold, Leon. N.Y.
Allene, married Sidney Dewey, Elkhart, Ind.
Homer R. Jolls (8)
      Born - Apr. 3, 1878 in Perrysburg, N.Y.
Address: 39 Aldrich St., Gowanda, N.Y.
Married: Emma Spaulding, Nov. 29, 1899 in Perrysburg, N.Y., who was born Aug. 3, 1878 in Boston, N.Y.
Children: Ada (Vogt), Beatrice.
Fred L. Jolls (8)
      Born - Oct. 5, 1888 in Perrysburg, N.Y.
Address: 109 So. Chapel St., Gowanda, N.Y.
Married: Bessie Strause, May 30, 1926 in Chantaign, Ill, who was born Jan. 25, 1897 in Fisher, Ill.
Children: Frederick Keith, Richard Dean.

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John Jolls (4)
      Born - Nov. 18, 1743 in Bristol, R.I.
Died - ...................1796 in Bristol, R.I.
Married: Mary Cole, Feb. 8, 1767 in Warren, R. I.
Children: Lydia, Polly, Mercy, Benjamin, John, Haile.
John Jolls (5)
      Born - Mar. 16, 1774 in.................
Died - Aug. 16, 1849 in Warren, R. I.
Married: Sally Whittaker, July 22, 1798 in.........
Children: Sally, Harriet, Lydia, Mary, Joseph Haile
Joseph H. Jolls (6)
      Born - May 17, 1814 in Warren, R. I.
Died - Nov.......1887 in Providence, R. I.
Married:(1) Sarah Child, Jan. 24, 1842 in Warren, R. I., who died Apr. 2, 1849 in Warren, R. I.
Children: John Wheaton
Married:(2) Harriet N. Buffington, July 30, 1855 in Warren, R. I.
Children: Arthur C., Annie Eliza, 43 Lincoln Ave., West Barrington, R. I.
Married:(3) Jane Frazer, Oct. 20, 1872 in Providence, R.I. who died June 11, 1925 in Providence, R. I.
Children: None.
John Wheaton Jolls (7)
      Born - Oct. 24, 1842 in Warren, R. I.
Died - Nov. 24, 1905 in Middletown, Del.
Married: Susan Cogle, Dec. 15, 1864 in Ellicott City, Md., who died Jan...........1903 in Middletown, Del.
Children: Joseph C., John A., Charles H., Frank C., Sarah L. Leonard, 176 Carlisle Rd., Audobon, N.J., Lottie J.
Joseph C. Jolls (8)
      Born - Nov. 27, 1865 in Relay House, (Relay Sta.) Md.
Died - Jan. 16, 1934 in Middletown, Md.
Married: Alice M. Colgan, Apr. 28, 1886 in Delaware.
Children: John J., Lottie J., Ephriam P., J. Roy,Albert M., Clinton W. Alice V.
Ephriam P. Jolls (9)                       1949 Colonel E P Jolls, 225 E Park Pl, Newark Del
      Born - Nov. 8, 1890 in Middletown, Del.
Address: Univ. Delaware, Newark, Delaware.
Married: Ruth E. Lorenz, June 15, 1918
Children: Dorris Lee.
Albert M. Jolls (9)
      Born - July 20, 1898 in Middletown, Del.
Address: Havre de Grace, Md.
Married: Edna Hufnal, Nov. 15, 1919 in Delaware.
Children: Albert M. Jr.
John A. Jolls (8)
      Born - Jan. 23, 1868 in Middletown, Del.
Died - Feb. 29, 1912 in................
Married: Annie Adams, Jan. 28, 1904 in Middletown, Del.
Children: Mary.

Page 4A.
Charles H. Jolls (8)
      Born - Aug. 3, 1871 in Middletown, Del.
Died - Feb. 16, 1929 in Philadelphia, Pa.
Married: Mary Cooper, Dec. 18, 1895 in Delaware.
Children: M. Evelyn, S. Elizabeth
Arthur C. Jolls (7)
      Born - June 18, 1857 in Warren, R. I.
Died - In R.R. Accident, in New York.
Married: Esther Stone, Feb. 15, 1877 in Providence R., I., who died May 29, 1896 in Providence, R. I.
Children: Edwin C., Joseph B., Annie H., Elmer F.

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Jeremiah Jolls (4) (From Warren, R.I., went to Rensselaer Co., N.Y. in about 1790) (Deed 1829)
      Born - Oct. 10, 1750 in Bristol, R.I.
Died - Sept. 24, 1834 in Stephentown, N.Y.
Married: Mrs. Roby Sailsbury, decendant of Lord Sailsbury of England, Dec. 30, 1772 in Bristol, R.I., who was born Dec. 31, 1747 and who died Jan. 11, 1813 in Stephentown, N.Y.
Children: Mehitabel, Esther, Mehitable and Caleb (twins), Dr., Jeremiah, Jr., Lucy. Stephen Van Rensselaer (see p 5A)
Caleb Jolls (5) (Twin of Mehitabel)
      Born - Oct. 29, 1778 in Stephentown, N.Y.
Died - Feb. 6, 1862 in Stephentown, N.Y.
Married: Mrs. Ann Drucilla (Platt) Burton, Oct. 15, 1807 in Stephentown, N.Y., who was the mother of Harriet Burton, the wife of S.V.R. Jolls (5)
Children: Caleb Jr., Edmund
Caleb Jolls (6)
      Born - Nov. 21, 1814 in Stephentown, N.Y.
Died - Mar. 23, 1888 in Stephentown, N.Y.
Married: Mary ?Ann Brown, Sept. 14, 1836 in Stephentown, N.Y.
Children: Ann Elizabeth, Amelia, whose daughter is Maude White, W.R.C. Home, Oxford, N.Y., Martin, Leander, Lina.
Martin V.B. Jolls (7)
      Born - Nov. 17, 1843 in Stephentown, N.Y.
Died - May 13, 1910 in Stephentown, N.Y.
Married: Edith Mecklenburg, Sept.......1877 in Michigan City, Mich. who was born Oct. 24, 1859 in Germany and who died Mar. 28, 1911 in Stephentown, N.Y.
Children: Felix, So. Williamstown, Mass.
Mabel Kipp, died May 18, 1938 in Lebanon Springs, N.Y. leaving a daughter Mrs. Edith Kipp Liscinsky, Lebanon Springs, N.Y.
Jeremiah Jolls, Jr., M.D. (5)
      Born - Mar. 10, 1771
Died - Nov. 11, 1806

Page 5A.
Stephen Van Rensselaer Jolls (5) (Deeds Va. Ren. Co., N.Y.-1826-1832-1837)
      Born - Feb. 27, 1786 in Warren, R.I.
Died - Feb. 3, 1882 in Stephentown, N.Y.
Married: Harriet Burton, July 25, 1812 in Stephentown, N.Y., who was born Apr. 6, 1792 in...and who died Nov. 7, 1884 in Lebanon Springs, N.Y.
Children: Rhoby, Abby Burton, Palmyra, Mary Jane, Burton, Egbert, Dr. Augustus, Stephen V.R., Jr.
Rhoby Jolls (6)
      Born - Sept. 10, 1813 in Stephentown, N.Y.
Died - Aug. 18, 1867 in Stephentown, N.Y.
Married: William Hand, Mar. 12, 1835 in Stephentown, N.Y., who was England
Children: William Jr., Harriet, Antionette, Mary, Charlotte.
Abby Burton Jolls (6)
      Born - Feb. 24, 1816 in Stephentown, N.Y.
Died - Oct. 21, 1869 in Stephentown, N.Y.
Married: Simeon Allen Wylie, Oct. 29, 1844 in Stephentown,N.Y. who born Apr. 20, 1812 in Stephentown, N.Y., who died Feb. 15, 1895 in Stephentown, N.Y.
Children: Henry Augustus, (whose daughter is Mrs. Abbie Wylie Spangler, and whose son is Harry Wylie, Stephentown, N.Y., 113 William St., Stoneham, Mass.
Palmyra Jolls (6)
      Born - Aug. 17, 1818 in Stephentown, N.Y.
Died - June 19, 1905 in Nassau, N.Y.
Married: Joseph Shelton Doty, May 11, 1843 in Stephentown, N.Y., who was born Dec. 9, 1816 in Stephentown, N.Y., and who died Oct. 17, 1850 in Stephentown, N.Y.
Children: Clara Louisa, James Warren, Charles Henry.
Clara Louisa Doty (7)
      Born - Feb. 24, 1844 in Stephentown, N.Y.
Died - Dec. 27, 1932 in Schodack, N.Y.
Married: Abel Merchant, Jan. 15, 1868 in Stephentown, N.Y., who was born Jan. 31, 1829 in Schodack, N.Y., and who died May 4, 1916 in Schodack, N.Y.
Children: Clarinda, Henry, Dr. John Crapo, Abel, Jr., Reuben, Sheldeon.
Burton Jolls (6)
      Born - Oct. 20, 1824 in Stephentown, N.Y.
Died - Dec. 27, 1898 in Pittsfield, Mass.
Married: Sarah E. Wylie (Sister of Simeon A. Wylie) Sept. 23, 1847in Stephentown, N.Y., who was born July 17, 1823 in Stephentown, N.Y.who died Oct.24,1879 in Pittsfield,Mass.
Children: None.
Egbert Jolls (6)
      Born - Apr. 29, 1827 in Stephentown, N.Y.
Died - Dec. 5, 1903 in Poughkeepsie, N.Y.
Married: Jennie B. Kirk, (widow) Apr. 4, 1877 in...who was who
Children: None.
Augustus Jolls (6)
      Born - Sept. 15, 1829 in Stephentown, N.Y.
Died - Aug. 24, 1890 in West Albany, N.Y.
Married: Frances Elizabeth Traver,(adopted daughter of Miles Traver) Jan. 11, 1885 in East Schodack, N.Y., who was and who Rensselaer, N.Y.
Children: None.
Stephen V.R. Jolls, Jr. (6)
      Born - ..................1834 in Stephentown, N.Y.
Died - Mar. 5, 1854 in.......................

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Samuel Wheaton Jolls (5) (Located in Genesee Co., N.Y., in....Deed 1913)
      Born - Sept. 27, 1777 in Bristol, R.I.
Died - Nov. 24, 1846 in Bethany, N.Y.
Married: Mercy Cole, May 17, 1800 in Coeymans, N.Y.
Children: Mary, Simeon, Amanda, Diana, Laura, Mahala, Samuel Wheaton, Mary Ann, Emerson, Mason, Edney (Waite)
Simeon Jolls (6)
      Born - Apr. 4, 1807 in Bethany, N.Y.
Died - Mar. 12, 1868 in Bethany, N.Y.
Married: Mary Ann Attica, N.Y., who was born........1809 in....who died........1897 in Buffalo, N.Y.
Children: Helen, Edmund W., Mercy P. (Annabel) whose daughter is Mary A. Lewis, 298 Winslow Ave., Buffalo, N.Y., and whose son is Chas. B. Annabel, Batavia, N.Y.
Mahala Jolls (6)
      Born - Jan. 19, 1813 in Bethany, N.Y.
Died - May 25, 1890 in Morenzo, Mich.
Married: John Evans, who was born Mar. 25, 1836 and who died Feb. 8, 1881
Children: John, Harvey M.
Samuel Wheaton Jolls (6)
      Born - Sept. 27, 1815 in Bethany, N.Y.
Died - Jan. 18, 1884 in Linden, N.Y.
Emerson Jolls (6)
      Born - Sept. 16, 1819 in Bethany, N.Y.
Died - Apr. 16, 1880 in Attica, N.Y.
Married: Urania Eddy, May 1, 1845 in...who was born Sept. 27, 1828 in Farmington, N.Y., who died Dec. 1, 1891 in Attica, N.Y.
Children: Marion, Minnie E. (Williams) whose daughter is Grace L. Williams, 14 Winbourne Rd. Rochester, N.Y., Kate, Frank P.
Mason Jolls (6)
      Born - Dec. 1, 1821 in Bethany, N.Y.
Died - Aug. 27, 1887 in Bethany, N.Y.
Married: Betsey was born.......1822.........who died.......March 26, 1884 in Bethany, N.Y.
Children: Emily (Grile) whose son is Chas. Grile, 17 Junior Avenue, Buffalo, N.Y., Henry.
Frank P. Jolls (7)
      Born - May 12, 1867 in Attica, N.Y.
Died - Feb........1905 in Attica, N.Y.
Married: Lulu E. Danley, June 18, 1890 in....who was who lives in Livingston, Columbia Co., N.Y.
Children: Dorothy Danley Martin, 6122 Robison Rd., Cinn. Ohio.
Kenneth Emerson, (see p.6A), Jack Augustus, (see p.6A)

Page 6A.
Kenneth Emerson Jolles (Jolls) (8)
      Born - Sept. 5, 1895 in Attica, Wyoming Co., N.Y.
Address: 773 Arnett Blvd. Rochester, N.Y.
Married: Hyla Sagers, June 11, 1919 in Buffalo, N.Y., who was born June 4, 1897 in Darien, N.Y.
Children: Betty Jane, born Oct. 22, 1922, Kenneth Emerson, born Oct. 11, 1924.
Jack Augustus Jolles (Jolls) (8)
      Born - Nov. 21, 1898 in Attica, N.Y.
Address: 41 Richlawn Avenue, Buffalo, N.Y.
Married: Irene L. Hersah, Feb. 4, 1920 in Buffalo, N.Y., and who was born Feb. 18, 1898 in Attica, N.Y.
Children: Richard, born Nov. 14, 1920, Marjorie, born Dec. 17, 1927.

Page 7.
Lucy Jolls (6)
      Born - Oct. 3, 1794 in Westerlo, Albany Co, N.Y.
Died - Feb. 9, 1882 in Worcester, Otsego Co, N.Y.
Married: James W. Robinson, Apr. 2, 1814 in Hudson, N.Y. who was born May 5, 1791 in Omagh, Ireland and who died Nov. 26, 1843 in Worcester, N.Y.
Children: Hamilton W., Mary, Emily, Eleanor, Lucy, Isabella.
Hamilton W. Robinson (7)
      Born - Nov. 25, 1815 in Hudson, N.Y.
Died - Apr. 9, 1879 in New York City, N.Y.
Married: Emma Whitney, Feb. 1, 1838 in Albany, N.Y., who was born Jan. 30, 1817 in Albany, N.Y. and who died July 27, 1865 in Worcester, N.Y.
Children: Emma, James Whitney, Fanny, Anna, Henry Alvord.
Anna Robinson (8)
      Born - Mar. 20, 1846 in Albany, N.Y.
Died - Apr. 28, 1928 in Worcester, N.Y.
Married: Johnathan Dickison Wilson, Jan. 15, 1868 in New York City, N.Y., who was born Jan. 13, 1839 in Kingston, N.Y. and who died AUG. 30, 1911 in Worcester, N.Y.
Children: Emma Whitney,(born Oct. 20, 1870 in Omaha, Neb)
Address: Worcester, N.Y., Anna Teer (born, May 18, 1875), Louise Alvord (born, Sept. 2, 1883)
Clarissa Jolls (6)
      Born - Dec. 21, 1796
Died - Oct. 20, 1874
Children: Eight.

Page 8.
John Jolls (6) (Located in Dayton, N.Y.) (Deed 1828)
      Born - April 1, 1800 near Montpelier, Vt.
Died - Oct. 10, 1879 in Dayton, N.Y.
Married:(1) Maranda Perrysburg, N.Y., who was born Mar. 25, 1807 in Vermont and who died Nov. 19, 1857 in Dayton, N.Y.
Children: Lucy, Oren, Jeremiah, Almond, Dillen, Jerone, Esther.
Ursula, Mark.
Married:(2) Emma Marks Smith, was born Sept. 17, 1824 in Cherry Valley and who died Oct. 3, 1865 in................
Children: Emma, John Wilton, see p. 7A.
Oren Jolls (7) (Located in Maple Rapids, Michigan)
      Born - Aug. 21, 1830 in Dayton, N.Y.
Died - Jan. 7, 1921 in Michigan.
Married: Mercy Helen Robbins, Dec. 4, 1851 in Dayton, N.Y., and who was born July 16, 1834 in Perrysburg, N.Y., and who died May 16, 1921 in Michigan.
Children: Marion, Helen, Ida, Cora, born 1863, 667 College Ave., Elmira, N.Y., Adele, b. Sept. 16, 1863, Lillian John, Mary, Charles.
Jeremiah Jolls (7)
      Born - Feb. 18, 1833 in Dayton, N.Y.
Died - Aug. 1, 1909 in Elmira, N.Y.
Almond Jolls (7)
      Born - May 14, 1836 in...............
Died - Nov. 1863 in Civil War Prison
Married: Silvia Waite.............
Children: Frances, Frank, Ada, Charles, Mary, George
Dillen Jolls (7)
      Born - Apr. 25, 1838 .............
Died - May 18, 1844 in................
Jeremiah Jolls (7)
      Born - Mar. 4, 1839 in Dayton, N.Y.
Died - Jan. 21, 1920 in Cherry Creek, N.Y.
Married: Chloa Pratt, Sept. 30, 1865 in Allegany, N.Y. who was born May 25, 1848 in Allegany, N.Y., and who died Dec. 25, 1900 in Allegany, N.Y.
Children: Allen Jerome (see p. 7A)
Mark Jolls (7)
      Born - Sept. 16, 1847 in Dayton, N.Y.
Died - Jan. 14, 1931 in Philadelphia, Pa.
Married: Frances Gertrude Mosher, Mar. 13, 1870 in Gowanda, N.Y. and who was born Apr. 5, 1853 in Pontian, N.Y., and who died July 11, 1939 in Valois, N.Y.
Children: John Myron, (see p. 7a), George Wilton (see p.7A)
Gertrude Mary, Mark Earl (see p. 7A)

Page 8A.
John Wilton Jolls (7)
      Born - June 9, 1862 in Dayton, N.Y.
Died - Mar. 30, 1933 in Cottage, N.Y.
Married:(1) Cora E. Eddy, Sept. 2 , 1887 in Dayton, N.Y., and who was born Mar. 10, 1869 in Dayton, N.Y. who died Feb. 23, 1892 in Dayton, N.Y.
Children: Lesley L., Erie Co., Olin Burr, 54 Unger Ave., Buffalo,N.Y.
Married:(2) Media E. Fluker Lawton, widow, Feb. 18, 1894 in...... who was born Aug. 11, 1865 in.............
Children: Merle D., Leon, N.Y.
Hilda B., Cottage, N.Y.
Earl A., Cottage, N.Y.
Allen Jerome Jolls (8)
      Born - June 16, 1866 in Allegany, N.Y.
Address: 118 W. Fourth St., Dunkirk, N.Y.
Married:(1) Elizabeth Thomas, May 7, 1891 in Scio, N.Y., who was born Sept. 25, 1869 in Scio, N.Y., and who died Dec. 27, 1932 in Dunkirk, N.Y.
Children: Vivian J. Ranney, Dunkirk, N.Y.
Veda May Richard, Dunkirk, N.Y.
Married:(2) Hattie Smith, June 18, 1935 in Dunkirk, N.Y., who was born Jan. 27, 1885 in Waterloo, Wis.
John Myron Jolls (8)
      Born - Mar. 4, 1873 in Villinova, N.Y.
Address: 4913 Cedar Ave., Philadelphia, Pa.
Married: Adalaide Phelps Yard, Aug. 7, 1901 in Elmira, N.Y., who was born April 23, 1876 in Union Springs, N.Y.
Children: Gertrude Mary Winde, 609 Fourth St., Waynesboro, Pa.
George Wilton Jolls (8)
      Born - July 13, 1876 in Villinova, N.Y.
Address: 667 College Ave., Elmira, N.Y.
Married: Mary Frandelia Short, June 28, 1899 in Painted Post, N.Y. who was born Nov. 20, 1877 in Painted Post, N.Y.
Children: George Wilton, Jr., (Died 1925)
Gertrude Mary Jolls (8)
      Born - Feb. 13, 1885 in Elmira, N.Y.
Died - Jan. 29, 1888 in Elmira, N.Y.
Mark Earl Jolls (8)
      Born - July 18, 1893 in Elmira, N.Y.
Address: 10 Westminster Rd., Brooklyn, N.Y.
Married: Gertrude Elizabeth Mines, July 23,1917 in Sayre, Pa., who was born July 13, 1899 in Sayre, Pa.
Children: Mark Earl, Jr., (born Oct. 11, 1918 in Sayre, Pa.)

Page 9.
Jeremiah Jolls (6) (Located in Gowanda) (Deed 1831)
      Born - June 20, 1805 in...................
Died - June 15, 1875 in Gowanda, N.Y.
Married:(1) Sophia A.......(Date) who was born ..........1819 in..............and who died Mar. 9, 1864 in Cleveland, Ohio.
Children: A. Albert, Ellis Eugene, Hannah, Caroline.
Married:(2) Minerva was born........ in...........and who died Jan. 31, 1889 in Berlin Heights, Ohio.
Children: None.
Married:(3) Sally Balcomb Rolfe, widow.........1862 in Gowanda, N.Y. who was born Sept. 12, 1811 in.........Conn., and who died Sept. 12, 1897 in Gowanda, N.Y.
Children: None.
Ellis Eugene Jolls (7)
      Born - Jan. 31, 1839 in Gowanda, N.Y.
Died - Jan. 4, 1924 in National City, Cal.
Married: Cecille Ann Goff (Guelph) Aug. 7, 1862 in Hillsdale, Mich, who was born Jan. 14, 1845 in......Wis., and who died Sept. 3, 1923 in National City, Cal.
Children: Ernest A., Cleveland, Ohio, Galen W., (whose son is Carl, #9, Mira Loma Drive, San Francisco, Cal.) Greely Lynn (died 1906) Nugent Armend, Hugo Pryor, Nemo S., Rose, Ino, (both died very young)
Nugent Armend Jolls (8)
      Born - Apr. 2, 1876 in Berlin Heights, Ohio.
Address: Elcajon, Cal.
Married:(1) Ada Oliver - Divorced 1904
Married:(2) Mary Frennette, Sept. 2, 1905 in.....who was born Apr. 1, 1881 in Joliet Quebec, Canada.
Children: Louis Ellis, Cecil E., (died 1908) Armand Nemo, Marcus A.
Lady Dorris, Alice Cecille, Marie, Caroline Eveline.
Hugo Pryor Jolls (8)
      Born - Apr. 17, 1879 in Berlin Heights, Ohio.
Address: 3113 Main St., San Diego, Cal.
Married: Ada Button, (widow whose son is Frank)
Children: None.
Nemo Secondus Jolls (8)
      Born - Mar. 8, 1881 in National City, Cal.
Address: Died - 519 Hoover Ave., National City, Cal.
Married: Nettie Florence Shuey (widow) June 6, 1912 in Seattle, Wash.
Children: None.
Armand Nemo Jolls (9)
      Born - Dec......1908 in National City, Cal.
Address: Glendale, Cal.
Married: Dorothy McMechen, Dec. 14, 1929

Page 10.
Samuel Jolls (6) (Located in Persia, N.Y., Deeds 1835-1838-1839-1848)
      Born - Mar. 4, 1807 in Albany, N.Y.                       (Went West in 1855)
Died - .................1873 in Waterloo, Iowa.
Married: Dinah Whitcomb, (sister of "Nat" Whitcomb of grindstone fame) Gowanda, N.Y., who was born Dec. 20, 1809 in Washington, Vermont and who died.....1872 in Waterloo, Iowa.
Children: William Robertson, David Wilbur (see p.10A) Thomas Wellington (see p 10B) Clarissa, Leroy Levi, (see p. 10C) Mercy (see p. 10C) Winnifield Scott.
William Robertson Jolls (7) (West to Minn. in 1863 on to Mich. 1864, to Neb 1874 to St. Paul, Neb. 1884.)
      Born - Aug. 9, 1829 in Cattaraugus County, N.Y.
Died - Oct. 15, 1892 in St. Paul, Neb.
Married: Susan O. Pierce, Feb. 14, 1851 in Gowanda, N.Y., who was born July 15, 1832 in Waverly, N.Y., and who died July 21, 1899 in Palmer, Neb.
Children: Frank S., Bruce E., (see p. 10A) Jennie, Belle.
Frank S. Jolls (8)
      Born - Jan. 14, 1852 in Gowanda, N.Y.
Died - Sept. 10, 1936 in Fredonia, N.Y.
Married:(1) Ida Emmogene Abbott.......1875 in Reading, Mich, who was born July 18, 1853 in Ripley, Ohio, and who died Feb. 1, 1895 in Fredonia, N.Y.
Children: Carolyn Rea, Burr, Beatrice Rena.
Married:(2) Anna McDonald, Aug. Dunkirk, N.Y., who was born Apr. 3, 1872 in Fredonia, N.Y.
Address: 17 Newton St., Fredonia, N.Y.
Children: Donald F., Thomas H.
Carolyn Rea Jolls (9)
      Born - Aug. 6, 1876 in Reading, Mich.
Address: Mrs. Wm. F. Holmes, 407 Olympia Road, Chatham Village, Pittsburg, Pa.
Burr Jolls (9)
      Born - July 22, 1879 in St. Paul, Neb.
Address: Box 2353 Stock Yards Station, Oklahoma City, Okla.
Married:(1) Adora Bessie Berray, Oct. 18, 1901 in...who was born May 10, 1883 in Wantonina, Wis. and who was divorced June 24, 1919.
Children: None.
Married:(2) Blanche Elouise Arnold, Nov. 23, 1920 in.....who was born July 30, 1901 in Patterson, Ia.
Children: Frank Arnold, Rhoda Loudella.
Beatrice Rena Jolls (9)
      Born - Apr. 14, 1885 in St. Paul, Neb.
Address: Mrs. George C. Read, 439 Connecticut Ave., Spartenburg, S.C.
Donald F. Jolls (9)
      Born - Apr. Fredonia, N.Y.
Address: 61 Center St., Willoughley, Ohio.
Thomas H. Jolls (9)
      Born - Sept. 17, 1907 in Dunkirk, N.Y.
Address: 1254 Cora St., Des. Plaines, Ill.
Married: Frances Talcot, Jan. 1, 1932 in Des Plaines, Ill, who was
Children: Thomas H., born May 23, 1936.

Page 10A
Bruce E. Jolls (8)
      Born - May 5, 1856 in Persia, N.Y.
Died - .......1940 in Plattsmouth, Neb.
Married: Ledomma Yarman, Aug. 16, 1879 in Palmer, Neb., who was born Dec. 13, 1864 in Tiffin, O., who died May 28, 1925 in Grand Island, Neb.
Children: Marion, Homer B., Edward F., Drury E., Belle.
(2) Janie M. Brown...................Bloomington.
Homer B. Jolls (9)
      Born - Oct. 24, 1881 in Ord., Neb.
Address: Grand Island, Neb.
Married: Emma Schwartz, Oct. 24, 1907 in St. Paul, Neb., who was born Mar. 17, 1887 in Ashton, Neb.
Children: Arthur F., b-May 17, 1909, d-Feb. 4, 1912, Lawrence B., b-Sept. 27, 1912, Elizabeth Jane, b-Jan. 8, 1918, Dorothy Marie, b-July 8, 1921, Russel H. b-Aug. 11, 1925.
Drury E. Jolls (9)
      Born - Nov. 5, 1885 in St. Paul, Neb.
Died - Mar. 23, 1932 in Grand Island, Neb.
Married:(1) Elizabeth Grossart, May 5, 1913 in Grand Island, Neb. who died Dec. 5, 1918 in..................
(2) Rose Murray, May 27, 1922 in Grand Island, Neb. and who was
Children: Louise Rose.
David Wilbur Jolls (7) (Went to Davenport, Ia. in fall of 1855 to Waterloo, Ia. in spring of 1856.)
      Born - Feb. 28, 1831 in Perrysburg, N.Y.
Died - Apr. 27, 1890 in Waterloo, Iowa.
Married: Electa Jane White, Apr. 17, 1853 who was born May 29, 1831, in Perrysburg, N.Y., and who died Dec. 24, 1922 in Waterloo.
Children: Herbert E., Elva Irene, Albert Wellington, Joseph Wilbur, (see p.10B), Edgar Mortimer (see p.10B) Ida May, (see p. 10B) Bertha.
Herbert E. Jolls (8)
      Born - Apr. 17, 1854 in Perrysburg, N.Y.
Died - Oct. 11, 1855 in Davenport, Ia.
Albert Wellington Jolls (8)
      Born - Apr. 27, 1858 in Waterloo, Ia.
Died - Nov. 15, 1915 in Blacksone, Va.
Married:(1) Addie was born Apr. 27, 1856 in Waterloo, Ia. and who died .........1915 in Virginia.
(2) Edith Serena was born in New York and now lives in Virginia.
Children: Dr. Ray Jolls, b-Jan. 20, 1884, Blanche, b-Aug. 7, 1887, Ernie, David Wilbur, b-Feb. 3, 1895, Sidney,b-Nov. 2, 1897.
Ernie Jolls (9)
      Born - Jan. 17, 1890 in Black Hawk Co., Ia.
Address: Norfolk, Va.
Married: was
Children: Stanley, Robert, Ruth.

Page 10B.
Joseph Wilbur Jolls (8)
      Born - Nov. 17, 1860 in Waterloo, Ia.
Died - May 23, 1865 in..................
Edgar Mortimer Jolls (8)
      Born - Aug. 27, 1865 in Black Hawk Co., Ia.
Address: Cushing, Minn.
Married: Eldora..............1885 in.............who was born Black Hawk Co., Ia.
Children: Leroy Wilbur, Earl R., b-May 2, 1899, Charles Leon, Madge, Irene.
Leroy Wilbur Jolls (9)
      Born - Aug. 13, 1886 in Waterloo, Ia.
Address: Reber Ave., Waterloo, Ia.
Married: Grace Knudson......1911 in............who was born .........................1886 in Black Hawk Co., Ia.
Children: Kenneth, b-1912, Helen b-1913, Herbert, b-1915, Dorris b-1919, Pauline, b-1922, Edgar, b-1927.
Charles Leon Jolls (9)
      Born - May 29, 1891 in Black Hawk Co., Ia.
Address: Peek St., Waterloo, Ia.
Married: Eva Dickey, Dec. 2, 1911 in........who was born Nov. 3, 1893 in....................
Children: Robert, b-Dec. 28, 1914, June b-June 1, 1917, Fern
Elizabeth, b-Apr. 12, 1925
Ida May Jolls (8)
      Born - June 10, 1870
Address: 166 Falls Ave., Waterloo, Ia.
Married:(1) Matthew Charles Reeder, Dec. 25, 1893
(2) Ray M. Davison, Aug. 16, 1935
Children: None.
Thomas Wellington Jolls (7)
      Born - Mar. 13, 1833 in Gowanda, N.Y.
Died - Feb. 12, 1911 in Dayton, N.Y.
Married:(1) Harmony Allen, (sister of Truman Allen) Gowanda, N.Y., who was born Apr. 29, 1833 in Gowanda, N.Y., and who died May 5, 1858 in Collins, N.Y.
Children: Eva.
Married:(2) Eliza Sophia Allen, (niece of first wife) Gowanda, N.Y., who was born Aug. 7, 1845 in Gowanda and who died July 3, 1936 in Cottage, N.Y.
Children: Myrta Hatch, Silver Creek, N.Y., Arthur F.
Arthur F. Jolls (8)
      Born - Apr. 12, 1880 in Sheridan, N.Y.
Died - Apr. 29, 1933 in Dunkirk, N.Y.
Married:(1) Ida was born Jan. 13, 1882 in..............
Children: Allen, (see p. 10C) Crystal, b-Oct. 28, 1903.
(2) Clara Smith, Aug.......1910 in...........who was born
Children: Fern, Howard, b-Dec. 28, 1913, Arthur, B-Mar. 12, 1915.

Page 10C.
Allen Jolls (9)
      Born - Nov. 9, 1901 in Sheridan, N.Y.
Address: 273 Grant St., Buffalo, N.Y.
Married: Elva Desmond, Nov. 23, 1921 in Buffalo, N.Y., who was born Dec. 28, 1904 in Buffalo, N.Y.
Children: Elaine, b-June 24, 1924, Kathryn, b-Sept. 10, 1933.
Leroy Levi Jolls (7) (West to Davenport, Ia. in fall of 1854 and to Waterloo, Ia. in spring of 1855, Enlisted in Civil War, Oct. 6, 1862.
      Born - Mar. 18, 1843 in Gowanda, N.Y.
Died - June 6, 1932 in Waterloo, Ia.
Married:(1) Margurite Holdiman, Nov. 17, 1865 in Waverly, Ia., who was who died.......1890 in Waterloo, Ia.
(2) .........1893 and was divorced shortly afterward.
Children: Eldora, Walter, Homer, Alvara, Clifford, Nora.
Walter Jolls (8)
      Born - May 7, 1871 in.............
Died - May 7, 1926 in..............
Married: Julia Howard was ........and who died ........... in..........
Children: Vern.
Vern Jolls (9)
      Born - Feb. 22, 1903 in...........
Married: Lillian Zohler Sandie, Sept. 22, 1934 in............ who was
Homer Jolls (8)
      Born - Mar. 3, 1873 in..............
Address; 519 Broadway, Waterloo, Ia.
Married: Gertrude was
Children: Harold, Aubery.
Alvara Jolls (8)
      Born - May 16, 1876 in..............
Address: Cushing, Minn.
Married: Inaz was
Children: Claude, Stanley
Clifford Jolls (8)
      Born - Apr. 28, 1878 in..............
Address: 906 Riverside Drive, Waterloo, Ia.
Married: Pearl was
Children: Margaret, Robert, Eldora, Gertrude, Vernita.
Mercy M. Jolls (7)
      Born - Aug. 7, 1846 in Perrysburg, N.Y.
Died - Dec. 15, 1932 in Waterloo, Ia.
Married: Peter J. Lawless in 1862 in Waterloo, Ia.
Children: Nine children.

Page 11.
Thomas Elora Jolls ""Indian Tom" (6) (Located in Lansing, Michigan in 1846)
      Born - Aug. 8, 1812 in Penn Yan, N.Y.
Died - Mar. 14, 1890 in Paris, Nebraska.
Married: Mary was born Dec. 23, 1818 in Valley Forge, Pa. and who Paris, Neb.
Children: Thomas Elora, Dan, Clarissy (Lamb), Wm. H. died-1840, Orlando I., died-1844, Joseph D. died-1848.
Thomas Elora Jolls (7)
      Born - Aug. 31, 1849 in Sommerset Center, Mich.
Died - May 10, 1890 in Lansing, Mich.
Married: Anna A., Lansing, Mich, who was born June 23, 1843 in Glasgow, Scotland and who died Sept. 22, 1905 in Lansing, Mich.
Children: Elora, died-1878, Wellington died Nov. 17, 1911, LeRoy Elora
LeRoy Elora Jolls (8)
      Born - June 25, 1882 in Lansing, Mich.
Address: 1304 Virginia Park Avenue, Detroit, Mich.
Married: Gertrude Franks, May 1, 1908 in Kansas City, Mo., who was born Aug. 23, 1876 in Rushville, Ill.
Children: Ouida, Maxine, LeRoy Elora Jr., Robert Kingdon.

Spencer Jolls (6) (Went west)
      Born - .....................
Died - .....................
Married: Betsey Bryant
Children: ..................


12/27/1999 - 1/4/2000 by Jason Patton - The first time I encountered this document was in the early 1990s when my mother gave it to me. I believe she received it from my uncle Bob. I wanted to replicate the document to the best of my ability (all typos included) here. (Handwritten comments will be noted in italics).

Please note I had a terrible time trying to decipher the handwritten comments on Cecil Joll. I noted items the best I could determine but please note that I guessed on several letters in that section (especially Late Num Tesian which could just as easily be Late Humterian or something).

One other thing to note is that W.B.'s "a" characters have a tail on them so I wonder if at the very bottom of the document if the word "Clarissy" should have read "Clarissa".

As I was retyping this version, I noted that page 10A was missing from my 1942 copy. This page is present in the 1940 copy. Until I can verify that there should have been a page 10A in my copy, I have created this second copy which is the 1942 document plus page 10A from the 1940 version.

While I tried to recreate this document to the best of my ability, serious genealogists should make a point of obtaining a photocopy of the original document typed in the mid-1900s to ensure that I did not make any typos when I tried to retype the document below (but again, please keep in mind that I made a point of keeping typos I found in the original version).

2/8/2000 by Jason Patton - This past weekend, I visited the Buffalo and Erie County Library in Buffalo, NY. It turns out that the Grosvenor Library was closed in the 1960's and was combined into the Buffalo and Erie County Library. I visited the Genealogy wing of the library and we were able to identify the Jolls Family in America pamphlet as being listed under catalog number CS 71.J753 J7. The library staff located the original pamphlet for me to look at. The horse head family crest was painted in color and the original signatures of W.B. Jolls were located on the document. The document did have page 10A so I have now revised this web version to include 10A.

Please mail me by clicking here if you are at all able to use this document as an information gathering tool.