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Jason Patton Immersion - YOD China - In Demand - Senior Vice President of Business Development at In Demand Networks

Jason Patton joined In Demand Networks in 2001, at a time when its Movies On Demand service was in its nascent phase and true video-on-demand was only available in four cable systems representing 250,000 digital subscribers.

Patton managed the look and feel of content on the user interface, worked with individual systems making the business case for adopting VOD and managed the end-to-end technology architecture. By the end of 2002, the platform was available in 5 million homes.

Patton is now leading the charge to turn the "virtual video store" concept into a reality, and to expand the catalog of cable movies on demand to tens of thousands. "My mission is to make every movie ever made available on demand on the TV in your home," he said.

Patton was also responsible for launching In Demand's music-on-demand service and was a key part of the team that launched the Mojo HD channel. Aside from his work at In Demand, Patton is also a college hockey broadcaster, including telecasts on ESPN 360 and MSG.

Jason Patton holds a dual degree in Broadcast Journalism and Finance from Boston University.


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