Part 1
How To Start and the Technical Stuff

To create a web page, you need access to a browser and to ACS. I have a Macintosh where I can use Netscape and at the same time have a telnet window open to ACS. Perhaps this won't be your exact setup but it is ideal to be able to go quickly back and forth from the web to your ACS account.

On an X terminal in the basement of IT or in the library, I would use one window to use Mosaic and I would have ACS still going in the other window so that I can jump easily back and forth between the two windows.

On a machine with no graphics capability, I will have my ACS account up and running. I will look at the web by typing 'lynx' at the % prompt. When I want to go back to ACS, I will quit out of lynx.

Now that you have one of the above arrangements, go to the ACS prompt where it reads acs [jpatton]% and type 'mkdir ~/html' to create the directory for your web page. To make this directory accessible to the public, type 'chmod ugo+x ~/. ~/html' at the acs [jpatton]% prompt. The command 'chmod' stands for CHANGE MODE. The command we just entered translates in English as CHANGE THE DIRECTORY SO THAT THE USER, GROUP MEMBERS, AND OTHERS CAN EXECUTE THE HTML DIRECTORY.

Now we are ready to create our first page!

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