Summer Orientation Student Advisors 1993

Welcome to the SA '93 Home Page. Many student advisors have e-mail addresses and would surely welcome hearing from those of you who made it through Summer O. and Boston U. If you are interested in contacting a student advisor who has e-mail, mail Jason Patton in order to make the connection. Many more student advisors may hop on-line in the future and we will try to update this page to let you know where people are and what they are up to. Thank you for dropping by.

Mara Hazard (SFA)
Wendy Leif (CGS)
Sue Gray (CGS)
Christina Da Silva (SMG)
Adam Rose (SHA)
Suzanne Cort (CGS)
Jessica Hernandez (COM)
Joe Dimartino (CLA/CAS)
John Madura (ENG)
Scott Pettit (ENG)
Brett Lorie (CLA/CAS)
Andrew Riley (ENG)
Rob Hight (SEP)
Peyam M. (ENG)
Frank Hildalgo (SMG)
Shea Curran (CLA/CAS)
Jen Carll (COM)
Lucy Walker (ENG)
Ed Seto (CLA/CAS)
Todd Petersen (CGS)
Ruthie Beane (CLA/CAS)
Rob Rosen (CLA/CAS)
Darnell Williams (CGS)
Melanie Swan (SAR)
Jason Patton (SMG)
Sarah Greene (CLA/CAS)
Christie Bryant (SED)
Jay Rojas (CLA/CAS)
Nancy Kim (CLA/CAS)
Anna Depold (CLA/CAS)
Reggie Jean (CLA/CAS)
Andy McGinnis (SMG)
Ron (SAR)
Lara Thompson (CGS)
Gil Feke (CLA/CAS)
Erica Perlmutter (SAR)
Katie Frazier (CLA/CAS)
Kelly Jackson (SED)
Martine Sainvil (COM)
Margaret McCusker (CLA/CAS)
Kim Zorn (SFA)
Margret Caruso (UNI)
Phil Tavares (COM)
Christine Williams (SFA)