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Step-By-Step Instructions
Making A Home Page

My name is Jason Patton. I learned HTML from scratch between Thanksgiving 1994 and February 1995 and trust me, it is a very easy thing to pick up. You can have your own home page up and running in a few hours time.

The purpose of this document is to provide you with step-by-step instructions on making your home page. The process involves making a standard home page which once you get the hang of HTML, you can alter.

Before we get started, let me recommend a few things. If you can, print out all of the instructions. Read the instructions all of the way through before you begin.

For all of the instructions, we will use a sample user by the name of Jason Patton whose login on ACS is jpatton. Whenever you see those terms used, substitute your own name for Jason Patton and your own login for jpatton.

One other thing. If I recommend you type 'cd html' at the %, I am saying you should type whatever is in between the single quotation marks. Do not type the single quotation marks.

Part 1 - How To Start and the Technical Stuff

Part 2 - Your First Page

Part 3 - Your Second Page

Part 4 - Graphics (this section provides very little info)

Part 5 - Proofing Your HTML

MY DISCLAIMER: Chances are I don't have a lot of time to answer specific questions on web development. I hope this guide provides you a better place to start in the designing of your home page, but be aware I probably do not have the time to respond to questions about web page development.